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Friday, July 25, 2014
A Well-Spring of Living Water
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returns Fall 2014!

Check back soon for more details.

10‐Week, once‐a‐week, after‐school program for 1st-3rd and 4th-6th Graders

THE EDGE and the UPPER EDGE (new for 4th-6th Graders) are safe places for children to go on Wednesday afternoons to have fun with their friends, get their homework finished, and learn a new skill or hobby. Bike riders are welcome but, like all kids, must have a signed Registration Form on file at Trinity in order to attend THE EDGE.


The EDGE Schedule...
looks something like this! (Grades 1-3)
has its own design! (Grades 4-6)
ALL Check in at the JAMLand Welcome Center desk at the west entrance of the building.
Arrival and Run With the Wind
Arrival and Run With the Wind
Healthy Snack & Devotion
Snack & Devotion & Hang Time
3:35‐4:10 Reading or Homework
Tutoring is available for anyone needing help with homework.
3:45-4:30  Activity 1/Sports Clinic
    Girls Sport Clinic    Guys Activity 1
4:15‐5:15 Arts and Action Hour
We have one hour‐long or two 25‐minute sessions. Different activities will be offered each week. We adjust activities based on the season and interests (and ages) of the children enrolled.
4:35-5:20  Activity 2/Sports Clinic
    Guys Sport Clinic    Girls Activity 2
We have 45-minute sessions. Activities opposite Sports Clinics will vary each week, but will be designed to be challenging and productive for this age-group.
Recreation and Pick-Up Time 
We play dodge-ball, basketball, foosball etc.
Recreation/Hang/Pick-Up Time
**NOTE: On Early Dismissal Days, we will have a Pre‐EDGE Special time 1:30-2:30 pm**
All adults and teenagers working with your child will be background‐checked, trained volunteers.
For more information, contact the church office at 777-2047

Download this Enrollment Packet.  To register your child, please complete both sides of the Enrollment Form, sign it, and return it to Trinity Wellsprings Church. We cannot have any children on Trinity’s campus without parental permission, so any child who shows up without a custodial parent and without a current Enrollment Form will not be able to stay and participate.

We request a Registration Fee Donation of $10 per Semester at the time of enrollment.

For more information: contact Angie Rogers.
Bike racks are available next to JAMLand building check‐in area to store and lock bicycles during the EDGE.