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Friday, August 01, 2014
A Well-Spring of Living Water
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Adult Discipleship Classes

Be a Life-Long Learner!
Becoming mature in any facet of life requires time, teaching, mentoring, practicing, and more time.  Our minds and our bodies have a capacity that can not be ignored.  We can only take in so much information at a time.  We can only retain so much information at any given point.  We can only develop skills in a developmental way.  And so, the process of educating ourselves until we become mature must be embraced as a life long adventure.  We must commit to a continual process of being exposed to new information all the time.  This is why we encourage you to commit yourselves to becoming a life-long learner and taking at least one class every semester, either on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night.
Sunday Classes
Women’s Class, 9:00 am, Room 302, Patti Gates.  Soul Craving by J. Warne
Couples Class, 10:30 am, Room 301,  Bill & Tracy Norwood.  Staying in Love by Andy Stanley (Video Series)
Deeper Discipleship
For those with interest in: Discipleship focused weekends or Intensive– 1 on 1 discipleship.  Email Samuel Weems
Life Groups, many days, many times
A life group is a great way to form a connection to the church, other than just attending worship service on Sunday.  Many life groups are held on campus in the life group rooms, set up like living rooms, in the back part of the church building called the Oasis.  Others are home groups. 
Get Connected - New Life Groups Forming! 
Contact Steve Schantz, Director of Life Groups
or Contact Pat Foster, Life Groups Administrator