Trinity Presbyterian Church
Thursday, July 31, 2014
A Well-Spring of Living Water
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Serve - Out in the Community

Community Impact… “Going Local All the Time"
Reaching the Community
We believe that God has uniquely placed Trinity in this location, at this time to bring our community into a life-changing encounter with the Kingdom of God. Our mission-focused congregation is developing relationships and opportunities for us to meet the real needs of people in our communities. Our local mission opportunities are designed so that you, your life group, your family, etc. can find a place to serve. We encourage you to follow a simple formula as you consider serving. First, PRAY about your availability and where God may want to use you. Second, EXPLORE these options by talking with us and getting your feet wet (click here for pictures). Third, COMMIT by selecting a local ministry to work with and start serving! Whether for a finite project or visiting on a regular basis, you likely will find commitment very rewarding. You will find that as we develop these relationships, several significant things might start happening:
• You will help people in need
• You will start to understand the world beyond what you see everyday
• You will connect with others who are serving along side of you
• You will connect with new people who don’t know Christ
• You will be making Jesus visible to those who may not have noticed Him before
• You will find yourself closer to the heart of God
To browse and connect with our Local Community Outreach Teams click [here].